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For your convenience we a PAGE on this Site for each subject that is listed below. The PAGE-toolbar is on the side. Please go directly to the subject or topic of your interest and read the write-ups and the blogs.


Here we explain the purpose of this site. We convey our message and give some information and insight into our activities.


If you want to implement the spiritual philosophy and practices that we have written about, we have some one-on-one guidance programs for you. The ‘Course Details’, the ‘Guidelines for Admission’, the ‘Application Form’, etc. are also given here.


We provide assistance in decision making and guidance in problem solving. We use Intuition, Astrology and EKS (strategy) to guide. There is a one-time advice and there is also a detailed advice with follow up, called ‘MENTOR SERVICE’.


Here is a collection of some practical, useful and thought provoking SELF-HELP articles written by us.


Mysticism is traditionally the art of having relationships with a higher consciousness or divinity. In terms of Yoga it is the practice of bringing the soul forward in our life. It is illustrated in the articles given here.


Here is a description of the books published by us. They are available from Amazon and Kindle online bookstores. Some of the older books are available from us.


An outline of our workshops is given here. What you cannot learn through years of self-study you can learn by actively participating in these workshops!


If you are interested in restoring your health naturally, read these articles. Our approach is non-commercial, striking, and personally empowering.


Here is a write up of some of our talks and conversations. Our point of view is unusual, striking and we do not beal around the bush.

Thanking you.


Prashant Shah


Some opinions received:

  1. I am amazed at the huge intellectual and spiritual bandwidth of your writings and I must admit that other spiritual writers that I have read do not even come close! Your articles hit the nail on the head! The article ‘Living by Intuition’ impressed me the most. Your saying, “When you are trying to be intuitive, being right is not the goal; being sensitive to the higher nature is the goal” really touched me. This article is truly a masterpiece… M. G. Machayya, email: mgmachayya@hotmail.com
  2. I’ve enjoyed reading all your articles and views as they relate so vividly to my life experiences. My heart opens up to your words and my mind is simply overwhelmed by reading your books and articles. You have conveyed your message and views very clearly… Hector, email: hektorjr@gmail.com
  3. There has been great Development in the website. Each and every idea is crystal clear. I loved the new content of the ‘Practice of Mysticism”… Saket, email: vaidyas@iocl.co.in
  4. I was really struck by the tone of the writings. They speak with a natural voice — there is a sequence, but it speaks directly and personally to the reader. I liked that very much… Frank; email: nyudonne@aol.com
  5. I went to your web site and carefully looked at how well you structure it. I am very impressed with the clarity and simplicity of your blogs and look forward to reading them all… Carmen, email: cla516@aol.com
  6. Dear Teacher, I am overjoyed to read the news on your program in London. You practice what you preach so I can confidently say that the participants are going to be greatly benefitted. Your teaching gets way inside us, in the gut. Yes it does, and I’ve witnessed it. I am celebrating this new venture that has opened and I hope it will carry on. Elizabeth, email:aleliz45@aol.com
  7. The beauty of your writing is in its simplicity and to-the-point nature. I have read all the articles and I feel what is said is really very true… Sanjeev, email: sanjeev1657@gmail.com

Our Purpose

There is a spiritual presence that stands behind our person and oversees our activities. It understands all things, and it also oversees the happenings in the world. We can learn to relate with this spiritual presence and bring it forward in our life. This is the spiritual purpose of our life.

The aim of our human life is not concerned with improving our living standards or achieving greater power in society. Such things only have some contingent value. The main thing is the kind of person we are becoming and to what extent we have been able to involve the spiritual presence in our life. This message runs through the different topics on our site. We try to write and speak only from our experience or intuition. Hence, we don’t complicate matters or make intellectual arguments. Further, our views are ‘off-beat’ – they tend to be different from what is usually the established point of view. We can be radical, striking, and unusual.


In the article given below the ‘spiritual presence’ is called our higher-level consciousness. We contrast it with the ordinary (mental) consciousness to show what happens as the higher consciousness awakens in our (inner) life. Then we address the issues of finding our purpose in life and the conditions under which we are to do it.

To read more click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/the-purpose-of-our-life/

About Prashant S. Shah

He was educated in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SB, from MIT, USA) and University of California at Santa Cruz (MS & PhC from UCSC, USA). During his student days he learnt Yoga-Mysticism from Shri Nyaya Sharma, a Guru of Shiva-Tantra-Yoga. Further, he learnt Homoeopathy from The Post Graduate Homoeopathic Association, Bombay; he has healing hands and uses Pranic Healing; he learnt entrepreneurial skills through EKS, an Advanced Management Diploma Program offered by ‘Mewes Systems’ of Frankfurt, Germany.

Prashant uses EKS and Vedic Astrology for Counselling in personal and professional matters. He conducts ‘Spiritual Awareness Workshops’ regularly in NY, USA and from time to time in other places (UK & India). He is a Spiritual Guide for Darshana Centre, Vadodara. He is the Author of many self-help and spiritual books and a Speaker on related subjects. He writes and speaks clearly, in simple language and from personal experience. He has written the book: Crisis of Modern Humanity (1976), The Essence of Hindu Astrology (1987); and the more recent publications are: The Art of Awakening the Soul (2011), Healing without Drugs (2014), Solving the Problems of Life (2015), The Biochemic Prescriber (2016) and How to Restore your Health Naturally (2017). The recent publications are available from the Amazon and Kindle online bookstores.

Prashant with wife, Kalpana

 About Darshana Centre

Darshana Centre has offered spiritual guidance through a set of personalised correspondence courses since 1988. The courses are practical and practise based, and without religious affiliation. They are designed to make you to think deeply, to do spiritual practice, and to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. They will develop your spiritual aptitude and the inner life. For details, see under ‘Correspondence Courses’.

Over the years a number of ‘spiritual awareness workshops’ have been added to the correspondence courses to serve as ‘booster doses’ for the students. For details, see under ‘Workshops’. The workshops have been conducted every year in New York since 1999. They are also organised from time to time at some other places.


3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Dear Dr. Shah, I have to believe you are the same Prashant who lived upstairs from me at 11 Buswell Street in Boston. About an hour ago, I found the letter from you (June 7, 1970) asking me to have your BU transcripts forwarded to UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine and I couldn’t remember if I did that. If I did not, please forgive me. Also, you asked Tom Mansfiield (who called me about 5 minutes ago to go hiking) for his shoe size and that you would send him some good sandals. He did send you the size but says he has not received the sandals yet.

    Anyway, if this is my friend Prashant, please let me know.

    Best regards,
    Bob McDonald
    387 Gleasondale Road
    Stow, Massachusetts 01775 USA

    1. Hi there,
      Yes, I surely remember you. It is great to have you visit my site and get back to me.
      Are you really in touch with Tom Marshal Mansfield? HOw are you doing?
      I visit USA every year in October to do some courses in NY. I’d love to meet you all.
      my email address is darshanacentre@gmail.com

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