The Amazing Results with Mantra Yoga

Spiritual Yoga
Spiritual Yoga

Each person is separate on the physical plane, but all of us are continuously interacting on the inner planes of the cosmos. So, when you think about someone, you not only connect up with the image of the person in your mind, you can go deeper and CONNECT UP the thoughts and feelings of that person and experience him. In this way all of us are continuously sending and receiving vibrations from others.

How do we perceive another person on the inner plane? Each person carries an overall or PERSONAL VIBRATION, and on the inner plane we can experience this vibration and know its affinity to the vibration that we carry. The personal vibration a person has is characteristic of their mindset, their conditioning, the organization of their consciousness and the individual capacities they have developed. They carry this vibration in their personal atmosphere, and this vibration has an effect on everyone and everything that they come across. In this way people put their impressions on things, and the impressions pass on further through a ripple effect.

We can also know the QUALITY of the vibration a person carries from the way in which they live, think; respond to others and their environment; and from the sort of things that absorbs their interest and attention.

The personal vibration decides a person’s inclination – the particular way in which they do things. It draws them into certain kinds of situations and conditions in life. For this reason it is said that people subconsciously choose their lucks and misfortunes long before they experience them. Further, if they continue to do things in the same way, they connect with the same kind of persons and get the same kind of results in life. However, if they mature through these experiences, it changes the quality of their personal vibration, and accordingly they connect with different kinds of persons and experience different situations and results.

What happens when your personal vibration changes? It changes how you are organised within. As a result you begin to perceive everything differently. And that alters the mental models that you use to interpret everything. When you see things differently, you begin to do things differently. And how you do things influences upon the luck and events of your life.

Thus, the fundamental changes in your nature or life are accompanied by a change in the inner vibration your carry. In the natural course this change happens gradually, over a long period of time. However, through Mantra Yoga you can accelerate the change and do it deliberately. You do it by nurturing a living vibration that can make the necessary alterations in the overall vibration that you carry. The new vibration develops a truth sense in you, and you can use it to guide your perceptions and actions in the situations of life.

The practice of Mantra Yoga develops a separate awareness in you, which reflects the voice of your conscience and mirrors the ways of a higher consciousness. Then you can grow spiritually by trying to follow the inner directions. You have to overcome all the resistance in your nature that arises as you try to do that. You have to continue the practice for some time until the new vibration becomes the basis of your perceptions and actions. It will bring about a change in your consciousness. Then instead of mirroring the higher consciousness, you can function with it. Then instead of searching for the light of truth in darkness, you can intuitively know what is true and how true it is.

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