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The Virtue of Slowing Down

When we slow down our pace of life and combine it with a devotional attitude, we can access a spiritual presence that is itself joyful and filled with wisdom. On the other hand, when we combine hurrying up with personal ambition, we view our life through the lens of fear, scarcity and competition. Then we cannot trust life and allow it to look after us. Instead we have to cope with our fears and insecurities by constantly pushing ourselves to do something. Then we get caught in the ego’s world, where we can never rest or just be. Then we lose touch with the spiritual presence that tells us all is going to be well. Continue reading

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The Dread of Failure

You have been burned before and are afraid to be burned again.
Here is an approach that you can use to overcome your fear of failure. The aim is to prepare you for something new or different and possibly lead you to the place of better opportunity. Continue reading

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