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The Biochemic Way to Health

On how to use Dr. Schuessler’s biochemic tissue salts to overcome your common health disorders © 2016 by Prashant S. Shah,; the author of the book: The Biochemic Prescriber and other books – available from Amazon and Kindle online … Continue reading

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Freedom & Contentment, and how to experience them

By Prashant S. Shah;   The spiritual tradition in ancient India talks in terms of karma and dharma. When you act with personal or selfish motives you generate some imbalance, which is called karma. When you do what is … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Story

Read this and you won’t let them fool you again Collected from various sources by Prashant S. Shah, Author of Healing Without Drugs, 2014 Cholesterol is not a bad guy. It performs many vital functions in the human body. However, … Continue reading

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Insight into Heart Disease

Here first we consider the structural causes of heart disease: the hardening of the arteries and accumulation of plaque. Then we discuss the deeper causes and the remedial measures Hardening of the arteries or Arteriosclerosis is a degenerative change in … Continue reading

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Hypertension and Blood Pressure

A must read before you seek surgical intervention © 2016 by Prashant S. Shah, Blood pressure (BP) is the common symptom of hypertension. It arises naturally with age and when it persists it is more often due to psychological … Continue reading

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