The Cholesterol Story

Read this and you won’t let them fool you again

Collected from various sources by Prashant S. Shah, Author of Healing Without Drugs, 2014

Cholesterol is not a bad guy. It performs many vital functions in the human body. However, it has been wrongly implicated in heart disease. This error has misguiding many innocent patients into using cholesterol lowering drugs. We have written this informative article to separate the myth from the reality.


Cholesterol is not a bad guy. It is needed to ensure proper functioning of the cell membrane. The liver make bile acids from cholesterol; and these acids are vital to digestion and for the absorption of fats, oils, and fat-soluble vitamins. Many important hormones (e.g., sex hormones, adrenal corticosteroids such as aldosterone and cortisol) and vitamin D are made from cholesterol. The skin uses cholesterol for protection against wear and tear due to sun, wind, and water. Cholesterol is helpful in healing damaged skin – it prevents infections from foreign agents. Cholesterol also serves as an antioxidant when needed, and it protects us from certain cancers. Further, it clogs the leakages in the membrane of cells. Without cholesterol we would die; and too little cholesterol in the blood should be regarded as a greater disease than a higher level of cholesterol!

The liver makes the cholesterol that is necessary for the needs of the entire body. It makes it from the acetates it derives by breaking down fruit sugars and protein and from the essential fatty acids. Hence, it is not necessary to get cholesterol from diet. The body cells can synthesize it as and when required. For example, when we drink alcohol, it dissolves in and fluidizes the cellular membranes. In response the cells build more cholesterol into the membrane and try to fix the leaky state. As the alcohol wears off the membrane hardens. Then the cells remove some of the cholesterol from the membrane and re-establish normal membrane fluidity. The excess cholesterol is hooked up to an essential fatty acid (for example, omega-3) and sent via blood to the liver to be converted into bile salts for excretion (given the presence of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the liver). The bile salts are released into the intestines, where they aid in the digestion of fats. From there they are eliminated or reabsorbed and recycled.

The Dogma: “Cholesterol Causes Heart and Vascular Disease

512px-Diagram_of_the_human_heart_(cropped).svgThe commonly accepted theory of cardiovascular disease states that when too much cholesterol builds up in the body, it is deposited in the arterial walls, causing atherosclerosis – a narrowing of the arteries and vessels. The excess of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids make the blood platelets ‘sticky’, and thereby increase the risk of a clot. And a clot can increase the risk of angina, heart attack, stroke, gangrene, as well as troubles like blindness, deafness, oedema, and kidney failure.

These claims are not proven facts, but only theories that have become a dogma. The medical data suggests the reverse is true. Although the general cholesterol levels have been lowered during the past 40 years, yet the number of cardiovascular patients has increased! Some doctors actually suggest that the cholesterol story, as publicised by the medical profession, is a big health scandal. Truth is that: “The cholesterol lowering enterprise is actually turning a large percentage of our healthy population into patients!

The reason for this is not difficult to imagine. Cholesterol scare is big business for the laboratories and drug companies. The new generation of cholesterol-lowering drugs like simvastatin and pravastatin are very expensive, but offer a risk reduction of heart attack of only 2 percent (which is to say nothing). In this context, Udo Erasmus wrote, “In spite of new findings, the dinosaur of the old dogma continues in medical practice. Economics rather than health or truth drives the old beast. The practice of medicine, contrary to idealistic notions, popular beliefs, and the desperate hope of the ignorant and seriously ill, is not about care… or cure… but about making money.… Change comes slowly and is strongly resisted.” Cholesterol free label is also a powerful marketing gimmick used by manufacturers of vegetable oils and margarines. However, their products actually cause ‘free radical damage’ — which is a bigger culprit in cases of coronary artery diseases and cancers.

What Does “High” Cholesterol Mean?

Firstly, there is no truth in the classification of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol; all cholesterol serves some function. LDLs (the so-called bad guys) are just as important and good as HDLs (the so-called good guys). The LDLs carry cholesterol, triglycerides, and fat-soluble vitamins to cells where they are needed; whereas the HDLs take them back to the liver as required. The confusion exists because a high LDL reading simply means that our system is being overloaded by cholesterol either from food, from abnormally high synthesis, and/or from too slow removal. Further, it is now well established that the drugs that lower cholesterol are not found to (statistically) reduce heart attacks or deaths from atherosclerosis.

On the other hand there is a problem with ‘low levels’ of cholesterol. It also reduces the numbers of serotonin brain receptors. And this in turn increases anxiety, depression, and psychoses, attempted suicides, and creates predisposition to dementia! Low levels of cholesterol can also affect the capacity of the endocrine system to manufacture hormones. And this deficiency can give rise to many imbalances like lower libido, disturbed menses (e.g., amenorrhea), etc.

Whereas low levels of serum cholesterol do not prevent heart attacks, they can be associated with the causes of cancer since the cancer patients almost invariably have low serum cholesterol levels. Cholesterol acts as antioxidant against lipid per-oxidation and it may turn out that cholesterol is actually a part of our defence system against cancer!

Much more is known about cholesterol today than was known in 1956 when the ‘cholesterol-coronary-vascular disease theory’ was actually cooked up. Now it is known that there is no truth in that theory, but the dogma that ‘higher level of cholesterol is bad’ has been hammered in. On the other side, it is clear today that polyunsaturated oils, rancid oils and margarines are at least partly to blame for the increase in incidence of coronary vascular disease and sudden heart attacks in affluent countries.

Still further, abnormally elevated serum cholesterol can be merely a sign of nutrient deficiency. The best solution to increased cholesterol level is to ensure adequate nutrient intake and waste elimination (reduce toxaemia), and trust nature to do the needful. Rather than trying to reduce cholesterol levels with drugs, we must take it as a sign to correct some faults in our lifestyle, diet, and eating habits. The saying is: “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Many wise doctors today recommend that you should forget about cholesterol tests forever; they mean nothing, and the costs simply fund the coffers of those who perpetuate the myth.

Dr. Lundell on Cholestrol and Heart Disease

Here are some very interesting observations made in internet articles by Dr. Dwight Lundell. The doctor was the Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital, AZ, USA, and the founder of Healthy Humans Foundation.

Dr. Lundell says: “We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong… I trained for many years with other prominent physicians labelled ‘opinion makers.’ Bombarded with scientific literature, continually attending education seminars, we the opinion makers insisted that heart disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol.

The only accepted therapy was prescribing medications to lower cholesterol and a diet that severely restricted fat intake. However, this is not working! These recommendations are no longer scientifically or morally defensible, and the truth is that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease. This finding is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated in future.

SIMPLY STATED, without inflammation being present in the body, cholesterol would not accumulate in the wall of the blood vessels and cause heart disease and strokes. The inflammation causes cholesterol to become trapped in the arteries.

Inflammation by itself is not a complicated phenomenon. It is simply the body’s natural defence against bacteria, virus, toxins, irritants undigested foods that have managed to enter the blood stream. See leaky gut – the modern epidemic

Doctors don’t like to admit it, but the author believes the major cause is the overuse of antibiotics and NSAID drugs. To reads more on Holistic Health, click here,

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Prashant Shah

He was educated in science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) and University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC, USA). During his student days he learnt Mysticism from Shri Nyaya Sharma, a Master of Shiva Tantra Yoga. He offers Spiritual Guidance through Darshana Centre, a School of Yoga-Mysticism at Baroda, India. He learnt Homoeopathy from Post Graduate Homoeopathic Association, Bombay, has healing hands and uses Pranic Healing. He learnt entrepreneurial skills through EKS, an Advanced Management Diploma Program offered by ‘Mewes Systems’ of Frankfurt, Germany. He uses EKS and Vedic Astrology to do Counselling. He conducts ‘spiritual awareness workshops’ regularly in USA and from time to time in India. He is an Author of many self-help and spiritual books and a Speaker on related subjects. He writes and speaks clearly, in simple language, and from personal experience. He has written the books: The Crisis of Modern Humanity (1976); Essence of Hindu Astrology (1987); and his more recent publications are The Art of Awakening the Soul (2011), Healing without Drugs (2014), Solving the Problems of Life (2015), The Biochemic Prescriber (2016), and How to Restore your Health Naturally (2017). These are available from the Amazon and Kindle online bookstores.

4 thoughts on “The Cholesterol Story”

  1. This cholesterol piece shatters all the myth & misinformation persisting out there. We are conditioned by health care practitioners & coercive marketing to “kill the messengers,” cholesterol (LDLs & HDLs) needed to balance cellular functions. Then, we get caught by the real culprit, inflammation caused by omega-6 fats & sugar in processed foods. Personally, after a few doses, the statins paralyzed my legs, so I told my primary care doctor to back off, stop prescribing/scaring me, and fired her. I have not taken it since 8 years ago and I know I do not need it to be healthy.

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