Good Health without Medicines

A simple solution to your health problems

Summary of a talk by Prashant Shah ( on 1 August 2015; organised by Carmen Ambert in Puerto Rico; and on 1 July 2017, organised by Yoga Parivar of Nilamber Bellissimo at Vadodara



  • The Message
  • The medical science is focused on relieving symptoms
  • What is so wrong with just relieving symptoms?
  • The three big mistakes
  • Understanding the disease in terms of toxaemia
  • How to detoxify the body
  • Reduce the existing toxaemia
  • Avoid generating toxins
  • Some good eating habits
  • If natural healing is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

The Message

Today we are ingrained to believe that our health depends on doctors, medicines, and the health care industry; whereas the truth is that our health really depends on our lifestyle, diet, emotions and constitution. When we understand this simple truth, we can learn to restore and maintain our health by our own efforts and, except in extreme cases, we will not need to consult doctors.

The medical science is focused on relieving symptoms

The Medicine Show (A Consumer Union of U.S. Publication) says: “The public has grown accustomed to thinking that a doctor’s job in curing diseases is to find the cause and remove it. However, the truth is that a greater part of the physician’s efforts goes towards relieving symptoms with very little knowledge of their causes; and today’s most prevalent illnesses, many of which are chronic illnesses, are merely treated symptomatically.”

The approach in modern medicine is to classify a collection of symptoms as a disease syndrome, and then to treat this syndrome with powerful drugs. This method is very useful in treating life-threatening disorders and stubborn infections. However, most of our everyday illnesses are merely FUNCTIONAL DISORDERS such as: Respiratory disorders like the common cold and cough; skin disorders like rashes that itch, dandruff and foul odour; pains like headache, stiff-joints and back pains; and digestive disorders like irritable bowels, constipation and flatulence. And for such ailments the modern medical science has no effective remedy. They only try to manage or relieve the symptoms and provide some temporary relief.

What is so wrong with just relieving symptoms?

When you habitually treat the symptoms of common functional disorders with drugs, you merely modify the symptoms without removing the causes. And when the underlying causes continue, the disease develops further and becomes chronic. It gives rise to annoying symptoms like the headache, stuffy nose, acidity, gas trouble, rheumatic pain, skin rash, respiratory allergy (like asthma, wheezing), blood pressure, etc. Such chronic disorders are less intense in their effects, but they harass more since they last for a long time and recur periodically.

And for such chronic conditions there are ‘no outright cures’ – there are only medications that temporarily manage or relieve the symptoms. Hence, you are never healed; you are merely put on medication, which has to be continued for the rest of your life! Hence, hypertension is not healed; it is treated with BP pills that have to be taken for a lifetime. Asthma is not healed; inhalers become your constant companions Osteoarthritis is not healed; the ultimate remedy is sought in knee replacement. Allergies are not healed; you become increasingly dependent on medication. The list is endless.

However in the early stages a disease is always just a functional disorder. If you choose to suppress the symptoms at this stage, you bypass the healing that should happen at this stage and allow the disease to become internalised. Then it develops further and becomes chronic; and ultimately it becomes degenerative wherein the structures of the organs like the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. begin to break down. Then you need surgical intervention.

The three big mistakes

  • The symptoms are considered as the disease, whereas the symptoms are only the EFFECTS of a diseased state.
  • The causes of a disease are sought in external agents like germs and bacteria, whereas the true cause is due to TOXAEMIA – a ‘diseased state’ that arises due to the accumulation of toxins in the body at the cellular level.
  • When the treatment focuses on merely relieving symptoms, the CAUSE CONTINUES. Then the ailments become chronic or newer disorders continue to arise. Hence, the patient is never really healed.

Understanding the disease in terms of toxaemia

In natural healing the primary disease factor in the body is called TOXAEMIA. It is experienced as irritation, pain, restlessness, indigestion, or sluggishness. The deeper causes of the toxaemia usually lie inside the person – in their lifestyle, diet, emotions and constitution. Let us perceive how this diseased state arises.

Whenever there is some disturbance or excess in our life, the vital force gets depleted. Then it becomes insufficient. Then our digestion, assimilation and elimination also become weak and our system becomes sluggish. That is, our digestion is incomplete; our assimilation is poor; and all this stuff has to be decomposed so that it can be thrown out. The ultimate effect is that there is a gradual build up of toxins or waste products in the body at the cellular level. And once the ‘toxin level’ is higher than the body can tolerate, the body’s resistance to the external agents of disease like the allergens, germs, bacteria, etc is lost. Then the body becomes SUSCEPTIBLE to illness.

How to detoxify the body

  • Reduce the ‘toxin level’ in the body. Once the toxin level is lowered, the vital force will be able to perform the function of healing naturally.
  • Correct your lifestyle, eating habits, etc. so that toxins are not allowed to accumulate in the body.

Reduce the existing toxaemia

Nature cure uses many methods such as fasting, water cure, baths, packs, elimination diets, etc. Here we consider the method of ELIMINATION DIET, which is to eat only fruits for breakfast.

This diet has two considerations:
a) You give the body a long period of rest from digestion on a daily basis. Then the body will use the extra vitality that becomes available to eliminate the toxins.
b) Next, you eat fruits that have good cleansing properties for breakfast. They assist in eliminating the toxins.

The correct way of eating fruits:
Fruits detoxify your body, but the detoxifying effect is best when you eat them on an empty stomach and not when you take them after meals. When you mix other food with fruits, the mixture stays for a long time in the stomach and ferments (turns to acid). Then you experience acidity or gas.

Avoid generating toxins

TooMuchFoodRule-1: Eat less, and take only easy-to-digest food. When you eat less food, you do not waste your energy on processing the excess food. When you can digest all the food you eat, you become more energetic and produce fewer toxins.

Rule-2: When food remains undigested in the body, it ferments. And that increases the toxin level in the body. Hence, value food items according to your ability to digest and assimilate them, and not according to their nutrient content! Simply avoid eating food that is hard to digest or has toxic additives.

In specific:

  • Avoid fried food, soybean preparations, sweets, chocolates, refined flour preparations and food containing preservatives.
  • Avoid consuming food that is highly processed, highly sweetened or salted; or foods that carry health claims (don’t encourage deceivers). Food is processed to increase its shelf life (not your life) and the processing makes it more indigestible in your body.
  • Further, some foods are processed to make them tasty (deep-fried or addicting ingredients are added). It increases their consumption. However, that is better for the seller’s business and not for your body.
  • Avoid consuming ‘concentrated’ food-stuff. Don’t be deceived by the label of extra nutrient value. They will be harder to digest. Instead, eat the food with lower nutritional value that comes with a lot of roughage and fibre. The fibre and roughage make it easier for the body to digest and assimilate the food, and the waste products that are generated will also be easier to eliminate.
  • Avoid consuming diet supplements and micronutrients unless you have a specific deficiency. Otherwise by taking them you serve the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, and not your interest. If you have a specific deficiency, take the supplement (preferably from a natural source) only until the deficiency is overcome. Do not continue to consume it thereafter. Otherwise it creates DEPENDENCIES and generates imbalance in the body.

Some good eating habits

  • The main purpose of eating is to feed the body. Hence, do not combine other purposes, like parties and thrill with the act of eating.
  • While eating, try to become conscious of what you eat, and how much you eat. When you maintain this discipline, the natural instinct of the body will awaken and allow you to sense the quality of the food you eat.
  • Eat only two main meals in the day. Establish your meal time and adhere to it. Avoid eating between meals. If you eat at odd times, you will not be hungry at the meal time! Further, if you don’t get the hunger sensation at meal time, don’t eat.
  • Drinking water: You need about 9 glasses of water a day. Try to drink ‘fresh stream’ or mountain water; and avoid drinking tap water or recycled water. Further, drinking water is not the same thing as drinking beverages.
  • The time factor: The morning time is naturally suited to the function of elimination. Hence, at this time avoid eating food, and drink of lot of water. The digestion is strongest around mid-day. Hence, lunch should be your main meal. Take rest after eating a big meal. The digestive fire becomes weak on overcast days and in the rainy season. Hence, eat less on such days and in the corresponding season.

If natural healing is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Natural healing not been popularised because the modern medical business is not interested in finding a solution from which there is no money to be made.

Further, some people understand the message of natural healing, but still they do not pursue it because they lack the will power that is necessary to change their lifestyle, diet and emotional habits. So they come for advice, but they are actually looking for a quick fix. These people don’t want to accept the responsibility for their health. So, they prefer to take the pill and settle for some temporary relief.

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Prashant Shah

He was educated in science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) and University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC, USA). During his student days he learnt Mysticism from Shri Nyaya Sharma, a Master of Shiva Tantra Yoga. He offers Spiritual Guidance through Darshana Centre, a School of Yoga-Mysticism at Baroda, India. He learnt Homoeopathy from Post Graduate Homoeopathic Association, Bombay, has healing hands and uses Pranic Healing. He learnt entrepreneurial skills through EKS, an Advanced Management Diploma Program offered by ‘Mewes Systems’ of Frankfurt, Germany. He uses EKS and Vedic Astrology to do Counselling. He conducts ‘spiritual awareness workshops’ regularly in USA and from time to time in India. He is an Author of many self-help and spiritual books and a Speaker on related subjects. He writes and speaks clearly, in simple language, and from personal experience. He has written the books: The Crisis of Modern Humanity (1976); Essence of Hindu Astrology (1987); and his more recent publications are The Art of Awakening the Soul (2011), Healing without Drugs (2014), Solving the Problems of Life (2015), The Biochemic Prescriber (2016), and How to Restore your Health Naturally (2017). These are available from the Amazon and Kindle online bookstores.

2 thoughts on “Good Health without Medicines”

  1. I suffered from eczema for two months. Pus was continuously oozing out from legs. Allopathic medicines gave me temporary relief but the side-effect of that medicine was I suffered from severe digestive problems. Later I undertook naturopathy. There I was on a diet of fruits and raw vegetables only. Within ten days I was free of eczema. My oral problems also subsided. Holistic therapy is the best therapy. Thanks for the article.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. It is appreciated. However, now we have some additional remedies for you. Read: ‘The Biochemic Prescriber’ on our site.

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