The Book: Biochemic Prescriber

A guide for prescribing Dr. Schussler’s biochemic tissue salts to family and friends

Allopathic medicine is the mainstream system. It is a leader for treatment in emergencies, in infectious diseases, and for ailments that require surgical intervention. However, most of the common troubles that we face are only FUNCTIONAL DISORDERS, such as:

  • respiratory disorders like allergies, colds, coughs;
  • skin disorders like eczema, itching, dandruff, psoriasis, foul odour;
  • pains like headache, stiff-joints, back pains; and
  • digestive disorders like irritable bowels, constipation, acidity, flatulence, etc.

The_Biochemic_Prescr_Cover_for_KindleAnd for such troubles, the allopathic (modern) medical system has no effective remedy! The doctor here only tries to manage or relieve the symptoms of the disorder. In this way they provide us some temporary relief, while the body tries to heal itself. Often we are put on a medication that may have to be continued for a lifetime!

A striking contrast to this modern medical approach is found in the classical system of Biochemic Remedies, which is based on holistic healing. This system is both simple to understand and easy to use. Further, its effectiveness is amazing; and it comes without the ‘side-effects’ that usually arises from using the drug therapy.

The most interesting thing about the holistic approach to healing is that you don’t need to know the details regarding the functions of the different body parts or the classified diseases to be able to prescribe. My mother used to treat us (family) with these biochemic remedies when we were kids. And she did a pretty good job with it even though she had no training in healthcare! All you need to know to prescribe these biochemic remedies is the nature of imbalance in the body in terms of the ‘guiding symptoms’.

I have personally used these biochemic remedies and over the years I have found the results to be consistent and amazing. I have written this book to share my observations. The requirement for making a good prescription here is not prescribe on the basis of classified diseases, but to do it on the basis of the specific indications for these biochemic remedies. When you can do that, you can become a domestic physician (not a licensed physician). Then you can safely use these biochemic remedies to help yourself, your family and your friends. It will overcome your helplessness in health matters and reduce your excessive dependence on the medical profession.

The book is available from Amazon and Kindle online bookstores. Use this handy prescriber to heal yourself, your family and friends. The treatment is simple to understand and easy to use; and the results are simply amazing.

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