Healing by Changing your Consciousness

© 2018, Prashant S. Shah; http://www.spiritual-living.in

The prototype or original model of the human body in consciousness is perfect and healthy. Then, why does susceptibility to disease and constitutional disorders arise in our body?


They arise largely from certain defective patterns that we carry in our mindset. We have inherited some of these patterns from our previous existence, and some of them are the result of our actions in the present existence.

Our consciousness gets associated with the contents of our mind, which are the personal thoughts, disturbing emotions, compulsive tendencies and faulty beliefs. And this association creates faults in the consciousness of our vital force or prana of the body. This faulty or disturbed prana then becomes ineffective in maintaining our body in a healthy condition, and gradually functional and constitutional disorders begin to arise in it.

Thus, the contents of our mind are largely responsible for the diseases in our body. The good news is that the effects are reversible. By making some changes in our belief-system, tendencies and negative emotions we carry in our subconscious, we can restore the consciousness of our vital force. Then it will restore health in our mind and body.

The way

Since our vital force is the true healer, the healing power is within us; and in its natural condition it is sufficient to maintain our health. The vital force malfunctions due to the negative patterns and entities in our mind. We are not sufficiently conscious of these patterns and entities, and so we allow them to disturb our vital force, influence our actions, and maintain our bad habits.

The negative patterns and emotions arise when we consider the happenings in life from a very personal and egoistic point of view. If we replace our point of view with a spiritual consciousness – with a large-hearted and inclusive point of view, the consciousness in the vital force will get restored, and it will be able to perform its natural function of healing our body.

Live the truth of health

Your health is holistic, so you are never sick in a part. The part is only the place where the ailment has shown up. It is always a mistake to focus on repairing a part of the body in isolation of the mental mechanism (thoughts and emotions) that has caused the ailment.

So, the major task in healing through consciousness is to FIND the deep-seated patterns caused by your egoistic considerations and to REPLACE them with the patterns got from a spiritual consciousness. The new patterns will make you large hearted and bring kindness, courage and joy into your life; it will change the consciousness in the vital force and cells of the body. And health will be the natural outcome.

Once you have lost your health, the restoration doesn’t happen automatically. You have to develop a health consciousness and allow it change your habits and lifestyle, and clear the negative emotions from your subconscious. In short, you have to promote your ‘health consciousness’; and let your actions speak louder than your words. Then your health consciousness will make you healthy.

A Practice: Choose what you think

Third eye-2

Pause often during the day to hear the self-talk going on inside your mind. These are the personal thoughts and psychological memories repeating themselves. They arise due to your egoistic point of view.

Now change your point of view: Decide to live and work for a cause that is always greater than your selfishness and personal considerations. Then your task is to look upon everything from higher point of view, and to reject the thoughts and self-talk that arises from a selfish and personal point of view. That’s all.

Choose the thoughts you want to think, and reject the negative thoughts that want to do your thinking. Accept one and reject the other; and do it persistently. Gradually this practice will change your consciousness.

Affirmations for good health

Your health mirrors your convictions. Hence, if you are constantly ill, you do not believe wholeheartedly in perfect health. So, take this opportunity to install some healthy beliefs in your mind. Declare these statements to yourself:

a) “Wellness is my natural state.”
b) “I am now filled with the energy of life.”
c) “My body will serve me as long as I need it. Hence, I banish the idea of old-age problems or going to an infirmary.”
d) “I am now healthy, energetic, enthusiastic and peaceful.”

Next, try to ACT AS THOUGH your health is real. Do it even if you are not really healthy.

Some necessary points of view

a) The original nature of the human body does not have sickness. Hence, my sickness is due to personal factors that disturb the natural flow of life-energy (prana) in my body.

b) My world is the result of my consciousness projected on a screen. Hence, I do not have to do workouts to develop a healthy body. I have to only develop a health consciousness to become healthy.

c) If I fear disease or poverty, I have a disease or poverty consciousness. It is sufficient to make me sick or poor. However, if I have faith in God and try to serve the spiritual purpose of my life, I develop a peaceful and loving consciousness. It is sufficient to make me happy.