Here are some recent self-help articles by Prashant S. Shah


  1. Marrying the Wrong Person?
  2. The Virtue of Slowing Down
  3. The Dread of Failure
  4. Alchemy through Yoga
  5. The Five Stages in Spiritual Practice
  6. Freedom and Contentment, and how to experience them
  7. The Magic of Quantum Learning
  8. A Pilgrimage into the Higher Worlds
  9. Good Health without Medicines
  10. Living by Intuition
  11. Counselling with Vedic Astrology

Marrying the Wrong Person?

JewishStarWhat are the chances that you will marry the Wrong Person? It’s certainly a high possibility; and most of us in modern society are seriously afraid of it. But, why does the ‘wrong person’ happen to us? Is there a flaw in how we choose our partner? Have we gone wrong somewhere? Many of us recall the lasting relationship our grandparents enjoyed. So what was the traditional glue that kept them together? How can we find a traditional partner in modern times?

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The Virtue of Slowing Down

TortiseIn the modern world people try to get things done fast and play busy. When we rush, we act like an automaton or a machine. Then we are consumed by doing things that can increase the ‘quantity’, but not the ‘quality’ of our life. Hence, it is important to see the great virtue of moving slowly and not hurrying through life.

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The Dread of Failure

You have been burned before and are afraid to be burned again. So, how can you overcome this feeling? Here is an approach that you can use to overcome your fear of failure. It will prepare you for something new or different and possibly lead you to the place of better opportunity.

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Alchemy through Yoga


Alchemy is the process of transforming lead, your ordinary nature, into gold, a spiritual being. How does Yoga accomplish the task of Alchemy? This article describes the actual process of transformation in very simple words. It will help you understand the Hermetic Wisdom as described in the Emerald Tablet.

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The Five Stages in Spiritual Practice

StarNewThis article is  an autobiography of a person who has done spiritual practice.
It shows us, in a humorous way, what commonly happens as we try to improve ourselves.
We fall many times before we can get things right.

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The Magic of Quantum Learning


Normally we use our mental models to grasp things mentally. It gives meaning to our experiences; it allows us to interpret the happenings in the world. However, our mental models are conditioned by our personal nature. Hence, our perceptions are normally subjective and prejudiced. We cannot have genuine insight unless we first clear up our perceptions.

In this article you learn how you can do this clearing. We illustrate this process by considering three kinds of learning: No Learning (what happens when we disregard the feedback on our actions); Ordinary Learning (when we use logic to perceive, as in science); and Quantum Learning (when we can change the level of our perceptions).

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 Freedom & Contentment, and how to experience them


The spiritual tradition in ancient India talks in terms of karma and dharma. When you act with personal or selfish motives you generate some imbalance, which is called karma. When you do what is proper and act without personal motives you generate balance and harmony, which is called dharma. Freedom and contentment are built on the foundation of Dharma.

True freedom and contentment are inner-life attainments. And to experience them you have to make some adjustments in your attitude and assumptions according to the rules of dharma or proper living. What are these changes and how can you make them? To know more, click here:

A Pilgrimage into the Higher Worlds

A mystical journey into our interior

ShivNeonOur mind directs our attention outward, towards things in the external world. Hence, we do not see interior world or understand the realities of the inner life. And as a result we are confused about the true purpose of our life on earth and what we have come here to achieve.

To understand such things in a spiritual context, we have to take a journey into our interior; into the deeper realms of our own consciousness. What do we find?

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Good Health without Medicines


Your health is always your concern and not your doctor’s concern; but today you are ingrained to believe that your health depends on doctors and the healthcare system. It has made you very dependent on the medical profession. At the same time the healthcare system has become very expensive and highly technical. It uses intricate tests, high-tech machines, powerful drugs and surgical interventions. And as a result you feel that the subject of your health is beyond your means and comprehension.

However, the truth is that your health does not really depend on medicines or the healthcare system – it depends more on your lifestyle, diet, and emotions. Hence, you can learn to restore and maintain your health by your own efforts and, except in extreme cases, you will not need to consult doctors. Here we show how you can do it.

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Living by Intuition


Learning the art

Intuition is the guiding voice of our soul. When we can listen to our intuition, our life becomes more interesting, more joyful and more magical. The basic step for becoming intuitive is to shift the focus of our life from the lower nature, which is the seat of our ego and its by-products, to the higher nature, which mirrors our soul. Then we can use intuition to guide our actions and to give a deeper meaning and purpose to our life.

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Counselling with Vedic Astrology

astrology-2We can use astrology to provide valuable advice and NOT merely to make predictions. It gives rise to two kinds of services: ‘Advice for Decision Making’, and ‘Guidance for Problem Solving’. What is the difference?

When you want to find a suitable marriage or business partner; when you want to find the kind of work or study that would really suit your nature; or when you have to make a choice from your options, you need advice in decision-making.

However, when you want to overcome a problem that is recurring you first need to have a clear diagnosis. Only thereafter you can formulate your strategy for overcoming it.

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4 Responses to Articles

  1. V.S.Adarsh says:

    i’ve liked all your articles. would you please write an article on karma and fate?

    • Please see under spiritual workshops. The details of the course on ‘Karma & Destiny’ is given. Will write a short article soon. Thanks for the response.

    • Regarding KARMA:
      Everything we do has its consequences. Even when we are free to act, once we have acted we are not free from the consequences of our actions. The consequences are as per a MORAL LAW. The law is symbolised as a balance (scales), and it works like a mathematical equation. We are unjust, the balance is lost. Then the consequences will follow.
      However, the consequences always take their time to arise. So we can deceive ourselves into believing that we have escaped the consequences.
      Most of the current events of our life are the results of our past actions. So very often we cannot do much to change them. However, the message of karma is that what we do today will give shape to the events that will arise in the future.
      For further insight, ask specific question.

  2. Which God (Deity or traditional God) appeals to most of all. Choose a picture of that. Gaze at it daily until you can see the image with eyes closed.

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