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How to Succeed with People

Learning interpersonal skills This is a write up of the talk given by Prashant Shah ( on several occasions and before many groups in both India and USA Most of our life is an interdependent reality. We have to work … Continue reading

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Spiritual Yoga

This is a write up of the talk given by Prashant Shah ( in London on 14 April 2013, at the Discovery Day Program by Solar Events. Yoga has been introduced in the western world as a technique for reducing … Continue reading

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Good Health without Medicines

A simple solution to your health problems Summary of a talk by Prashant Shah ( on 1 August 2015; organised by Carmen Ambert in Puerto Rico; and on 1 July 2017, organised by Yoga Parivar of Nilamber Bellissimo at Vadodara … Continue reading

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Management by EKS

A growth strategy for business and profession The summary of a talk by Prashant Shah ( for the Manager’s Wonderland session at L&T Knowledge City, Vadodara held on 8th of April, 2016 Introduction EKS is a ‘holistic approach’ to managing … Continue reading

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Advanced Workshops

By Prashant S. Shah, Contents: The Cosmos according to Occult Philosophy The Cosmic Cycle and the Sign of Our Times The Way of the Mystic The Wisdom of the Tao The Hidden Side of Spiritual Practice EKS: A Growth … Continue reading

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Counselling with Vedic Astrology

© 2013-17, Prashant S. Shah We use astrology to provide valuable advice and NOT to make predictions. We provide two kinds of services: ‘Advice for Decision Making’, and ‘Guidance for Problem Solving’. What is the difference? When you want … Continue reading

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Moments of Overflowing

Adapted from the book The Art of Awakening the Soul, by Prashant S. Shah — available from Amazon and Kindle book store. These poems depict the emotional experiences that arise at the different stages on the mystical path. They express clearly … Continue reading

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