Prashant Shah is a Counsellor & the Author of Books: The Essence of Hindu Astrology (1985); the Art of Awakening the Soul (2011); Healing without Drugs (2014); How to Solve the Problems of Life (2015) and many more.

He has personally counselled over 3000 cases.


  1. Who Do You Take Your Advice from?
  2. Counselling with Vedic Astrology
  3. How to take our Advice or Guidance
  4. Professional Counselling with EKS
  5. Marrying the Wrong Person?
  6. Understand your Men & Women Relationships
  7. How to Experience Freedom & Contentment
  8. The Wisdom of Karma

We provide two types of Counselling: ‘Counselling with Astrology‘ and ‘Counselling with EKS‘. The details are given herein below.

1. Who Do You Take Your Advice from?

taoism-1Should you take your advice from your friends, from family or from colleagues?

OR should you seek it from a professional – a coach, a guide or a mentor?

What is the DIFFERENCE?

To know more, please read our article; click here:

2. Counselling with Vedic Astrology

AstroBkWe use astrology to provide valuable advice and NOT to make predictions. We provide two kinds of services: ‘Advice for Decision Making’, and ‘Guidance for Problem Solving’. What is the difference?

When you want to find a suitable marriage or business partner; when you want to find the kind of work or study that would really suit your nature; or when you have to make a choice from your options, you need advice in decision-making.

However, when you want to overcome a problem that is recurring you first need to have a clear diagnosis. Only thereafter you can formulate your strategy for overcoming it.

To know more, please read our article; click here:

3. How to take our Advice or Guidance

You have to provide the birth details: date, time (standard time) and place (nearest city) of birth, along with a photograph (scanned copy) for all the persons concerned.

Further, to provide specific guidance you have to give all the details, like: What exactly you want; what you have tried or done so far; what happened; what options you are considering now and why; etc.

Note: We only provide advice or guidance and NOT forecasts, predictions or life-readings from your horoscope. Astrology has a scientific basis, but the judgement is largely an art that relies on intuition. Hence, we analyse your horoscope, but we are not too analytical about the deductions. We prefer to use the insight got through intuition.

The Fees

The fees depend on the amount of work involved. For short advice the fee is US $ 50 or Rs. 3,500. For advice that requires some correspondence and many considerations, the cost is US $ 100 or Rs. 7,000. There is a concessional charge of just Rs. 1,000/- if you visit in person for a conference at my office in Baroda (H-901 Nilamber Bellissimo; Vasna-Bhayli Road).

However, before you make payment, please state your problem or situation and check (on email, if we can accept your case and what charges may be appropriate. The counselling will begin after the fees are paid. For mode of payment, ask for details.

4. Professional Counselling with EKS

EKSSpiralEKS stands for Energy-Cybernetic-Strategy. It is a holistic approach for growing your business or profession in an ‘open economy’ system. This method was originally devised by Wolfgang Mewes of Frankfurt, Germany, and it has very useful applications for Entrepreneurs, Decision-Making Executives and Professionals.

In modern times everything is changing rapidly. There is competition everywhere. Businesses and jobs have become insecure. And conventional management is unable to provide the answers. This situation has become more complex since there is an overload of information and too many alternatives.

Under such conditions how should you conduct yourself so that your growth is ensured?

Are these your questions?

  • How can I remain ‘always wanted’ and never become redundant?
  • How can I make only the relevant knowledge and information gravitate towards me without being overwhelmed by information overload and multiple choices?
  • In the situations that arise, how can I recognise my true options and get them to work for me?
  • When I am in a stuck situation, what should I do to get out of it?
  • How can I generate my long-term competitive advantage so that I don’t have to wander around aimlessly or keep on reacting to other people’s moves?

To read the answers, click here:

5. Marrying the Wrong Person?

Male and female symbols on scales

What are the chances that you will marry the wrong person? It’s certainly a high possibility; and most of us in modern society are seriously afraid of it.

But, why does the ‘wrong person’ happen to us? Is there a flaw in how we choose our partner? Have we gone wrong somewhere? Many of us recall the lasting relationship our grandparents enjoyed. So what was the traditional glue that kept them together? Can we have a traditional marriage relationship in the modern times? To find answers to these questions, click here:

6. Understand your Men & Women Relationships

AppologyMen and women are the products of different basic models: Hence, their natures are different; they see things differently; and they act and react differently. If you take the trouble to understand these different models, you save yourself a lot of misunderstandings and unnecessary trouble. And, as a consequence you will do much better in all your men-women relationships. To find an answer to these questions click here:

7. How to Experience Freedom & Contentment

laughing-buddha-1The spiritual tradition in ancient India talks in terms of karma and dharma. When you act with personal or selfish motives you generate some imbalance, which is called karma. When you do what is proper and act without personal motives you generate balance and harmony, which is called dharma. Freedom and contentment are built on the foundation of Dharma.

True freedom and contentment are inner-life attainments. And to experience them you have to make some adjustments in your attitude and assumptions according to the rules of dharma or proper living. What are these changes and how can you make them? To know more, click here:

8. The Wisdom of Karma

KarmaEverything we do has its consequences. We are often free to act, but once we have acted we are not free from the consequences of our actions. The consequences are as per the ‘Law of Karma’.

The law says that whenever our actions are inappropriate or unjust, we incur a debt. And this debt has to be paid up. However, the causes and effects pass through many stages in the system. So the causes take a long time to return to us as effects or debt that have to be paid up. It is precisely this ‘time lag’ that deceives us into believing that we can escape the consequences.

Karmic accounts are preserved in nature’s archives, so nobody escapes anything! To know more, click here:

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