The aim of Yoga is to unite your outer nature, which is a personality, with your inner core, which is a spiritual being. In mysticism you do it by making a personal God and then establishing your intimate and personal relationship with it. You use it to find the answers to your life’s deepest questions and experience the bliss called God’s love.


An Overview of Mysticism

  1. God is within. So, you don’t need to search elsewhere for God. He is your nearest and dearest friend and lover; and also your Guru. He lives in your heart (behind the mind). Hence, it is only natural for you to find God.
  2. You can catch God by remembering Him. Just do your work and perform your duties while remembering God. That’s all.
  3. The Truth that arises from the God experience is not something you can get through study or learning. It is something that arises from within you as your mind attunes with God. Then Truth simply manifests itself.
  4. However there is a false identity within you, the ego, which does your bidding today. It will give you resistance. Hence, your first task is to make the ego subservient to God. You can do it by frequently holding on to God’s Presence, and by asking Him to oversee your actions and guide you.
  5. Gradually God will take a hold in your mind and begin to manage your affairs. It will release you from your compulsive tendencies and karmic debts. Then you can go through the ups and downs of life with God by your side. And as you do that God’s love will grow in you.
  6. The present time is Kali Yuga or the Dark Age. It is the worst of time for Dharma. But God is kind and mercifully, and so in this time He reaches out to those who seek Him. Hence, the present time is also the easiest time to receive God’s grace.

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Living by Intuition

Learning the art

BlumenbaumIntuition is the guiding voice of the soul. When we listen to our intuition, our life becomes more interesting; we see a purpose to everything; and we feel a sense of wonder. Although everyone is intuitive to an extent, this ability can be greatly enhanced by doing some spiritual practices. Intuition arises naturally as we shift the focus of our life from our ordinary nature, which is governed by mental preferences, to our higher nature, which reflects the ways of the soul.

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Moments of Overflowing

Mystical Poetry

PrayerHandsThese poems depict some deep feelings that arise at the different stages on the mystical path. They say many things clearly just by twisting a few words. What you cannot understand by reading philosophy and psychology extensively, you can catch by just reading a few verses. Try it. Click here:

Spiritual Yoga

The art of succeeding with yourself

HealingCoverYoga, in the western world, is a technique for reducing stress and improving health. However, the traditional purpose of Yoga practice is to develop the inner life. Here you learn the ‘spiritual side’ of Yoga.

More specifically, you learn the purpose of mental discipline and the art of attuning with a higher consciousness. You want a direct access to a consciousness that is higher and greater than the human mind. Otherwise you are led astray by the ego, by personal tendencies, and by sensual desires. The aim of yoga practice is to simply bring a higher intelligence forward in your life.

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A Pilgrimage into the Higher Worlds

A journey into our interior

ShivNeonOur mind directs our attention outward, towards things in the external world. Hence, we do not see interior world or understand the realities of the inner life. And as a result we are confused about the true purpose of our life on earth and what we have come here to achieve.

To understand such things in a spiritual context, we have to take a journey into our interior; into the deeper realms of our own consciousness. What do we find?

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2 thoughts on “Yoga-Mysticism”

  1. I liked the write-up on characterization of higher and lower nature. The mind involuntarily keeps on going back to its old ways and at such times it needs the strength to discriminate and choose what is proper and appropriate to hold on to move ahead on the path. The stark contrast that has been explained between the higher and lower natures goes a long way in building and strengthening the discriminative faculty of the mind. Further, the write-up has the quality that guides and subtly directs the reader to the steps he/she needs to undertake to make progress on the spiritual path.

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