Here is an outline of the six books written by Prashant S. Shah


  1. How to Restore your Health Naturally
  2. The Biochemic Prescriber
  3. Solving the Problems of Life:  Best Seller at Amazon, 3 January 2018!
  4. Healing Without Drugs
  5. The Art of Awakening the Soul
  6. The Ways of the (Taoist) Sage
  7. Essence of Hindu Astrology
  8. Crisis of Modern Humanity
  9. The Practice of Mysticism

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How to Restore your Health Naturally

A time-tested way to heal yourself by simply changing your lifestyle and eating habits

How_to_Restore_your__Cover_for_KindleToday we are ingrained to believe that our health depends on doctors, medicines, and the healthcare industry; whereas the truth is that our health really depends on our lifestyle, diet and emotions. When we understand this simple truth, we can learn to restore and maintain our health by our own efforts and, except in extreme cases, we will not need to consult doctors.

The method of natural healing that we show is holistic and totally different from the specialised advice that you normally receive through the medical profession. It is simple, and to use it you do not need to know anatomy, physiology, pathology, toxicology or pharmacology. Further, the results of this treatment are self-evident, and so you do not have to depend on empirical proofs.

You simply learn to strengthen the vital force in the body and help it in its effort to restore your health and keep you healthy.

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The Biochemic Prescriber

For prescribing Dr. Schussler’s biochemic tissue salts for common ailments

The_Biochemic_Prescr_Cover_for_KindleBiochemic medicine was discovered by Dr. Schussler over a hundred years ago. He identified twelve inorganic tissue-salts that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. He showed that when there is a deficiency of any of these salts in the body tissues, certain typical symptoms arise. You can use these symptoms to identify the specific deficiency. Then all you have to do is supplement the deficient the tissue-salt in a dynamic (potency 6X) form; and the body will, of its own, overcome the deficiency and return to natural health. The treatment is simple to understand and easy to use; and the results are simply amazing.

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Solving the Problems of Life

For Spiritual Seekers

BookCoverIt is said that ships are safe in the harbour. But that is not what ships are made for. They are there so that we can sail through the rough seas and visit distant lands. In the same way we can suffer our problems and seek to avoid them; or we can treat them as opportunities to grow and enjoy the problem-solving process. What will it be?

When we think spiritually, we consider that the people who are involved with us and the happenings of our life are given to us. They provide us the opportunities that we need to grow. Just as a car needs the ground to move forward, a bird needs the air to fly, we need the resistance from life (the problems) to grow and mature.

This book will take you on a problem-solving journey. The journey passes through three chapters. First, you develop the right attitude towards your problems and life situations. Next, you go further and learn what you can do to experience freedom and contentment in your life. And lastly, you take control over your attention and use it to overcome the problems created by your personal thoughts and emotions.

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Healing Without Drugs

A Simple Solution to your Health Problems


Your health is always your concern and you can learn to maintain your health with your own efforts. All you have to do is to think holistically and take the simple self-help measures that can restore your health and keep you healthy.

Here you learn to use simple methods like good eating habits, elimination diets, water therapy, fasting, etc. to bring about lasting relief to many of your long standing problems. In this way you not only restore your health, but you also build your immunity to disease.

The book also talks about psychosomatic causes of diseases and how to deal with them. In particular, you learn to deal with the issues of stress, trauma, karmic causes, and how to benefit from pranic healing.

Holistic healing is not something that is done to you. You have consciously or unconsciously participated in generating the causes of your ailment. Hence, you have to also participate in overcoming the cause. You have to make the necessary adjustments in your mindset, eating habits and emotions to overcome the cause of your ailments.

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The Art of Awakening the Soul

Practical Yoga-Mysticism

In mysticism you pursue God. But God has a presence in the Soul. Hence, by contemplating on God you bring the Soul forward in your life.

The Soul is the purpose of your life on earth. So, when it awakens everything in your life begins to find its proper place: You know what you have come to do; and you get the opportunities that you really need.

The Soul will thrill you with its love and beauty, and give you the deep experience of love that cannot be got from people or things of the world.

When the Soul comes forward in your life newer faculties arise within you. Then you are not limited to the intellectual process of inferring and figuring things out. You can know things in matters of life directly through intuition.

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The Ways of the (Taoist) Sage

A Yogi’s Insight Into Lao Tzu’s Book Of Tao.

© Copyright 2008, Prashant S. Shah, revised edition 2014; awaiting publication.



This book is a Yogi’s version of the ancient Chinese book Tao Te Ching, written by the legendary author Lao Tzu. The present work uses the insight achieved through the practice of Yoga-Mysticism to give a very unusual, striking a powerful interpretation of the teachings of the Tao.

The followers of the Tao, the Taoists, hold that inner freedom, peace and contentment arise naturally as you align your ways with the Tao — a universal awareness that underlies all things. Hence, they believed that the greatest quest of human life is to find this alignment. They use this alignment to achieve individual perfection and to improve the conditions in society.

However, the Tao is like a universal awareness that underlies all things. It is a transcendental reality, and therefore it is not easy to pursue the Tao. To overcome this difficulty, the book suggests that you have to prepare yourself and become adequate for the higher wisdom.

The Taoists prepare themselves by ‘putting themselves under heaven’ or the divine intelligence. By following the law, they purify their motives. This purity is necessary for attaining higher perception. When the purification is insufficient, people suffer from delusions, confusion and false perceptions.

The next step on the way is to find the Sage – a living master. Lao Tzu’s book does not give fixed rules or techniques for attaining the Tao. It has no rituals or elaborate practices; nor does it recommend an extensive study of the scriptures. Instead, the book suggests that only the Sage can set you on the way. This brings you to the most crucial question: How or where can you find a Sage or the living master?

Humanity has never been without living Sages. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize the Sage. They do not have the proper criteria. On the other hand, the Sages also wear a disguise in society to protect themselves. To overcome this difficulty, a good portion of Lao Tzu’s book addresses the questions: How does the Sage behave? What is their guiding principle? Why do the Sages value things differently? What is the nature of their attainment? What strategies do they adopt? How do the ways of the Sage differ from those of ordinary folk?

The way of the ancient Taoists has many similarities with the way of the oriental Mystics. Both of them reject a life that is guided by mental precepts or burdened by obsessions and have-to-dos. They do not want to be led by the demands of the ego or sensual cravings. Instead, they prefer to live a simple life, to act spontaneously and without ulterior motives, and to follow their intuition.

Essence of Hindu Astrology

© Copyright 1987, Prashant Shah, 163 pp, Hard Bound

AstroBkIn this book the numerous rules, descriptions and anticipations that are suggested in the ancient manuscripts are not put out here as a collection of facts. Instead, they are DERIVED from basic principles. Much chaff is separated from the wheat. Many suggestions are made to help the students judge the horoscope and correctly situate the facts. Some chapters are devoted to philosophical considerations, and they emphasise the need for a proper appreciation of the subject.

In this book the numerous rules, descriptions and anticipations that are suggested in the ancient manuscripts are not put out here as a collection of facts. Instead, they are DERIVED from basic principles. Much chaff is separated from the wheat. Many suggestions are made to help the students judge the horoscope and correctly situate the facts. Some chapters are devoted to philosophical considerations, and they emphasize the need for a proper appreciation of the subject.

It is admitted that these days astrology is looked upon with much suspicion, particularly by the men of science. Common people associate it with the vague generalizations that appear in the ‘Astrological Guidance Columns’ of various magazines. However, true astrology is not a fraud. But it is also not as simple as men of science would like to have it. The character of astrology can be compared to a deep well, whereas that of modern science resembles a shallow lake — meaning that astrology has more depth, whereas modern science has more surface. And this depth can only be fathomed by experience in the art of astrology, which is more intuitive than logical.

The science of astrology, meaning its rules, laws and correspondences can be studied by anyone with sufficient intellect, but the art of astrology can only be mastered by those who have developed the necessary skill, capacity and perceptions. More than anything the student must cultivate the ability to intuitively see the subtle forces, the planets, in all real life situations. And there will always be a great difference between those who can see and those who cannot.

True Astrology is a sacred science, since it provides useful applications on one hand, and on the other hand it develops in the student perceptions that are of a spiritual kind. Astrology gives an understanding of the diversities in human nature and a deep insight into all the functions of a human being. It reveals the natural preferences and inclinations of a person. It shows the natural aptitudes, and the time for its fulfillment.


  1. The origin and foundation of astrology
  2. The zodiac
  3. The qualities of the twelve signs
  4. The nature of the nine planets
  5. The grouping of planets
  6. The houses and human functions
  7. Planets in signs and houses
  8. The combination of planets
  9. The peculiarities of the rising signs
  10. Judgement of a horoscope
  11. Timing events by Vimshottari Dasha
  12. Timing events by transits
  13. Matching people by horoscopes
  14. Election astrology
  15. Astrological remedies
  16. Astrological guidance


“This book is markedly different from the common stuff that comes into the market these days. It is not a scholarly work or an interpretation from the scriptures. It is a clear exposition based on personal insight and experience. We recommend this book strongly.” Astrological Magazine August 1989

“We have come across many books on Hindu Astrology. But his book is different. There are fewer quotations and more insights… If there is just one book on Hindu Astrology I should have on my rack, it is this one.” From American Federation of Astrologers, Arizona, February 1990 issue.

Crisis of Modern Humanity

© Copyright 1976, Prashant Shah, 76 pp, Paperback

CrisisBkThis book investigates the trends within modern humanity in an unusual way. It suggests that a critical stage is being reached after which a total change in orientation is expected. But who is going to bring about the change? The author says that if our contemporaries could see what it is that is really guiding them and where they are going, a rectification would automatically come about. However, until then the curse of the modern world may not be understood by the people in general; it is too foreign to them and to what has been inculcated into them by the modern media and the modern education. Hence, the discussion is addressed to the few persons who are perhaps destined to prepare the germs of possibilities of the new era.

The book shows the current errors of interpretation and involuntary misconceptions, stating that such things are made out to deceive the public in general and misguide those who aspire to acquire sacred or spiritual knowledge. As a result, the people now do not know which way to turn. They are only too ready to accept the false ideas that are presented to them by the modern intellectuals, biologists and psychologists. All this has given rise to a growing quantity of literature that contains the most pertinent criticisms of our times, but which suggests measures of cure that are disproportionate, that are without conceiving the true nature of the causes. The true dangers that face humanity today are more serious since they are unperceived by those from whom guidance is today sought and expected!


  1. Knowledge of the whole and the knowledge of parts
  2. Sciences, sacred and profane
  3. Quantity versus quality
  4. Unity versus uniformity
  5. The illusion of statistics
  6. The hatred of secrecy
  7. The fallacy of proof
  8. From deviation to subversion
  9. Psychic residues
  10. Sub-rational intuition
  11. The misdeeds of modern psychology
  12. Confusion of the psychic with the spiritual
  13. The end of an era
  14. The new humanity


  1. “Prashant’s book is very unusual. It gives a knockout punch. It is very insightful and profound, but for that reason it can also be a little difficult to read. Prashant is an exceptionally gifted person, and what he says, whether I like it or not, is always worthy of deep consideration.” Noel King, Professor of History and Comparative Religion, UCSC, USA, 1977.
  2. Whereas the scientists and educators are making loud claims of progress this author shows what we have lost in our haste to make ourselves more comfortable in this world… The clarity of vision, the profound quality and the rare precision in the expressions that characterise this great work have deeply impressed us and in our hope to share these gains we have written this review. From review in November 1977 edition of The Landmark — an official publication of the Indo-American Society, Bombay

The Practice Of Mysticism

The pursuit of lasting happiness. MystBook© Copyright 2009, Prashant Shivanand Shah, 24 pp, Paperback

In mysticism you learn the art of attuning your mind with a higher consciousness. Then, instead of being guided by the desires and the tendencies of your mind and body, you are guided by the promptings of a higher consciousness.

This practice will transform your motives and point of view. It will develop your insight and give you the experience of lasting peace and contentment, which no outer pursuit can ever give.

How to purchase these books

The COST of the books is as  follows:                                                    Inside India            Overseas

  1. The Crisis of Modern Humanity                                                    Rs. 60                     US $ 2
  2. The Essence of Hindu Astrology                                                    Rs. 200                   US $ 15
  3. The Ways of the Taoist Sage (not released)                                Rs. Not priced     US $
  4. The Practice of Mysticism                                                                Rs. 25                     US $ 1
  5. The Art of Awakening the Soul, from online Amazon bookstores Rs. 440       US $ 6.50
  6. Healing without Drugs, from online Amazon bookstores     Rs. 480                  US $ 6.99
  7. Solving the Problems of Life, from online Amazon bookstores Rs. 420           US $ 5.99
  8. The Biochemic Prescriber, from online Amazon bookstores   Rs. 280              US $ 3.99

The books can be sent to you by ordinary mail upon receiving the money. For receiving the book by courier, add Rs. 50/- to the total. You can send your inquiry for availability of the books by e-mail to

Mode of Payment: For Payment from countries outside India, pay through Pay Pal. For Payment in India, pay by payment from inside India, pay through NEFT (bank to bank transfer). Please inform me your name and date of payment immediately by email. Thank you.




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