Holistic Healing

Is your health your concern or your doctor’s concern?

StarpointColToday people are made to believe that their health depends on doctors and the Medicare system! It has made them unnecessarily dependent on the medical profession. At the same time the health care system has become very expensive, and it is too technical and complicated for the common man to comprehend. Hence, in one way or another you experience helplessness.

However, there are alternatives and you can learn to maintain your health WITHOUT depending on doctors, medicines and hospitals. You can do that by simply learning to think holistically and by taking simple self-help measures that can restore your health and keep you healthy.

Do you want to know what you can do to stay healthy?

Under the title of ‘Holistic Healing’ we have organized some vital information on health related issues. The subject of health has become very complicated; and that is largely due to the business interests of the healthcare industry. In contrast, you will find the approach set out here to be simple (but not simplistic), non-commercial, unconventional, and very empowering.

Are we medical practitioners?

We aren’t, but we are also not confused or not comprehending. On the other hand, we have the distinct advantage of not being ingrained into the conventional line of thinking that is dictated by the modern medical business. We have written here only what we have carefully examined. Our only concern is what is true and beneficial. We are not trying to make a quick buck or appease anyone.

Advice to our Users

We have offered Holistic Healing and Biochemic Remedies to the public as SELF-HELP tools. However, to use them effectively you must take the pains to know how they work. You have to think in terms of overcoming the Toxemia (increase in the level of toxins in the body) and consider the symptoms of your disease to be a part of the natural healing process that has to be completed.

Hence, you must avoid suppressing the symptoms; and try to understand what you have to do to help the body in its effort to heal itself.
And while you use these self-help measures, you have to focus on removing the causes – that is you have to correct the errors in your thinking and lifestyle that allows such disorders to happen in your body. In this way you can restore your health; whereas the usual medical therapy can only provide you with patchy and short term solutions that will ultimately take you to the surgeon’s table.

A word of caution:
The holistic methods are not miraculous cures; and they will not give lasting effects if you do not follow them up with some necessary lifestyle changes.
Always begin by attending to small functional disorders of the respiratory and digestive systems, and body aches and stiffness. First, taste some success here. Thereafter you can take up skin and organ troubles.
Your aim should be to increase your self-reliance and to overcome your unnecessary dependence on the medical profession in ordinary matters.


1. Leaky Gut – The Modern Epidemic

LG-AreaAffectedLeaky Gut happens when the walls of our intestine become like a leaky sieve. It allows partly digested proteins, bacterial toxins and large semi-digested food particles to enter the blood stream. This is the primary source of many of the ailments and debilitating conditions in our society.
Millions of people are affected by this disorder, but most of them are not even aware of the fact that their troubles originate in the gut. The number of persons affected by Leaky Gut has reached alarming proportions due to the common and indiscriminate use of Antibiotics and NSAID drugs.


  • What is a leaky gut?
  • What are the common signs of the leaky gut?
  • What foods aggravate the leaky gut?
  • What happens to the gut when we take antibiotics?
  • How to restore the leaky gut

To read more, and know what you can do to help yourself, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/leaky-gut-the-modern-epidemic/

 2. Good Health without Medicines

A simple solution to your health problems


Your health is always your concern and not your doctor’s concern; but today you are ingrained to believe that your health depends on doctors and the healthcare system. It has made you very dependent on the medical profession. At the same time the healthcare system has become very expensive and highly technical. It uses intricate tests, high-tech machines, powerful drugs and surgical interventions. And as a result you feel that the subject of your health is beyond your means and comprehension.

However, the truth is that your health does not really depend on medicines or the healthcare system – it depends more on your lifestyle, diet, and emotions. Hence, you can learn to restore and maintain your health by your own efforts and, except in extreme cases, you will not need to consult doctors. Here we show how you can do it.

To know more, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/the-benefit-of-holistic-healing/

3. The Biochemic Prescriber

Using Dr. Schuessler’s biochemic tissue salts to overcome common ailments


The Biochemic system of medicine was discovered by Dr. Schuessler over a hundred years ago. He identified twelve mineral salts that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. When there is a deficiency of any of these salts in the body tissues, certain typical symptoms arise. You can use these symptoms to identify the specific mineral salt deficiency in the body.

Then all you have to do is supplement the deficient the tissue-salt in a dynamic form (6X potency); and the body will on its own overcome the deficiency and begin to return to natural health. The treatment is simple to understand and easy to use; and the results are very consistent. You can use it safely to heal yourself, your family and your friends.

To know more, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/using-biochemic-remedies/

4. Hypertension and Blood Pressure

What you really need to know about BP

FailureBlood pressure is the common symptom of hypertension. It arises naturally with age and when it persists it can be due to psychological factors, infection or malignancy. However, the symptom of BP is wrongfully being treated by the modern day physicians with drugs. Here we discuss the problem of hypertension, the mechanism of BP and suggest self-help remedial measures..

To read further, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/hypertension-and-blood-pressure/

5. Insight into Heart Disease

A must read before you seek surgical intervention

512px-Diagram_of_the_human_heart_(cropped).svgHeart disease is important since it is the number-1 killer in developed countries. Here first we consider the structural causes of heart disease: the hardening of the arteries and accumulation of plaque. Then we discuss the deeper causes and show some simple remedial measures.

To read further, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/insight-into-heart-disease/

6. The Cholesterol Story

Read this and you won’t let them fool you again

cholesterolCholesterol is not a bad guy. It performs many vital functions in the human body. However, it has been wrongly implicated in heart disease. This error has misguiding many innocent patients into using cholesterol lowering drugs. We have written this informative article to separate the myth from the reality.

To know more about the Cholesterol story, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/the-cholesterol-story/

7. How Safe are Antibiotics?

AntibioticsAntibiotics are the backbone of modern medicine. Nearly any infection can be cleared by them. However, today they are being used to clear up every mild bacterial infection that arises; and people even try it where there is a viral infection (where the antibiotic has no role). Whereas the antibiotics are life saving drugs particularly in the latter stage of infection, their indiscriminate use to treat every mild illness has reduced their future effectiveness.

The newer bacteria that arise are becoming drug resistant, and so the antibiotic will not do its job in the future when it is most required. In addition, the antibiotics are like double edged swords; they come along with some dangerous long-term side-effects like allergies, organ damage; loss of ‘good bacteria’; and thereafter the growth of drug resistant bacteria that do not serve useful purposes in the body.

To know more click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/how-safe-are-antibiotics/

8. The Best Diet and Eating Habits

TooMuchFoodIn the book ‘Healing without Drugs’ the author says: “This philosophy is simple to understand and the methods are easy to use. Further, the results of holistic therapy are self-evident. Hence, they do not need much convincing or proving. In many cases, to overcome the cause of illnesses in your body you may have to only change some of your eating habits!What are these eating habits?

To know more, click here: https://darshanacentre.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/diets-and-eating-habits/


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