An outline of the Workshops Conducted by Prashant S. Shah in USA, London & India.

These WORKSHOPS expose you to a certain level of wisdom, which is contagious. They will make you see things differently, in a totally different light. You begin to see your mental processes and the nature of things from a very unusual point-of-view. What you cannot learn through years of self-study you can learn by simply participating in any one of these workshops.

Why is that so? When you learn from someone who is experienced in the subject, the person’s experience rubs on. Then for some moments you see as the person sees. It draws you out of your mindset and gives flashes of insight.

Regarding ‘video recording’ of the workshops: Videos can be charming, but the pictures cannot give what the presence can. And once you see the video the novelty of doing the workshop is lost. There is also an disadvantage of learning from video recordings over learning from reading. The recording passes over very fast. So it does not give you sufficient time to think hard on the subject matter. However, if the merely information is being conveyed, then videos are superior.


Participants in New York, 2011


Introductory workshops

  1. Understanding Karma and Destiny
  2. Concentration and Mind Training
  3. The Art of Succeeding with People
  4. Restore your Health Naturally
  5. Living by intuition
  6. The Spiritual Tradition of the Ancient Hindus
  7. The Biochemic Way to Health

Some of these workshops are of 8 hours duration (4 sessions of 2 hours each) and some of them are of 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hours each). If you wish to know more, click here

Advanced workshops

  1. The Cosmos according to Occult Philosophy
  2. The Cosmic Cycle and the Sign of Our Times
  3. The Way of the Mystic
  4. How to Recognise a Sage?
  5. The Hidden Side of Spiritual Practice
  6. EKS: A Growth and Success Strategy

Some of these workshops are of 8 hours duration (4 sessions of 2 hours each) and some of them are of 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hours each). If you wish to know more, click here

How to organise a talk or workshop

  1. Tell us the topic that interests you and your group.
  2. Tell us something about you and your group — what you do and your philosophy
  3. What is your reason or purpose for having the talk or workshop?
  4. What do you expect to get out from the talk or workshop?
  5. Expect to pay a sum upon booking the time/dates.
  6. Send your details to us by e-mail: and we shall reply.

An opinion by an organiser/participant:

The workshop is the vehicle of your teaching that I have enjoyed the most. Partly, it is a lazy person’s approach to spirituality, in which I only have to listen attentively and allow the insights to soak in.

These workshops provide us a mirror wherein we become aware of our own mental processes in an intelligent way. This is most effective, since your vitality actually flows onto us, the participants. It actually raises our awareness and feelings in spiritual matters. I feel if the same material was taught by someone else, it may not be as effective. They may not be able to inspire and temporarily raise the level of the participants.

Attracting participants to attend the workshops is always the hardest part. However, once they give it a chance, they get hooked up. These workshops have a special appeal for higher than average seekers. They do better because they are open to a change in consciousness. The casual seekers, on the other hand are usually stuck to their predisposition. So they develop some insights during the workshop, but thereafter their mindset returns to their old ways.

  1. G. Machayya, July 2013.



2 thoughts on “Workshops”

    1. KARMA
      Everything we do has its consequences. Even when we are free to act, once we have acted we are not free from the consequences of our actions. The consequences are as per the Law of Karma. When we are unjust we incur a debt which has to be paid up. However, the consequences take time to arise. It deceives people into believing that they can escape the consequences. But nobody escapes anything.
      Most of our present life events are due to our predisposition, which is a result of our past karma. Hence, we cannot change the events that have arrived. However, we can have a great effect on the events that are in the making and which may arise in future. We do it by our present karma — by exercising control over how we think, the thoughts we dwell on and by what we do. Hence, the true MESSAGE of karma is we participate in making our future; we are responsible for what happens in our life; and everything is not pre-decided or predetermined.

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