Correspondence Courses

Are these your questions?

  • You’ve learnt some spiritual ideas and now you want guidance in IMPLEMENTING these ideas
  • You’ve attended some spiritual camps and done some spiritual practice. However, you feel that your progress is uncertain or slow. Hence, you want to get moving again.
  • You are an advanced student, but your practice has become a little CONFUSED. Now you want to learn from a master so that you can have your difficulties cleared as you go along.


Our Message

You may have read several books, done spiritual courses, and practised some meditation techniques on your own for years without making any significant progress. However, take a set of personalised lessons or advice from us and your practice will suddenly leap ahead.

We provide you one-on-one guidance through e-mail and conference.

These courses are for spiritual development. Hence, here the happiness is more an ‘inside thing’. You learn to change your attitude towards life; to slow down and do things with greater awareness; and to serve a cause that is greater than yourself.


Courses for Developing your Inner Life

Course-1: Mind Training & Meditation

You learn to concentrate your mind and get control over your attention. Then you use it to clear up negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. This is important since your happiness and well-being depends more on how you handle your thoughts and emotions, and less on your external circumstances.

The practice of concentration will make your mind alert, calm, and cooperative. Then you will think clearly, understand better, and become more capable in whatever you undertake to do.

Course-2: Mantra Yoga

Here you learn to meditate with a mantra. Then you use the mantra to organise your inner life. The mantra technique is a unique heritage that has been passed down through a line of Masters.

Any mantra can be used as a seed for doing concentration practice, but when you want to use it to get on the spiritual path you should take the mantra from someone in whom it is awake. You can always light a fire by rubbing stones, but it is much easier to light a fire with fire.

Mantra Yoga is a complete practice by itself. Once the mantra has settled in you, a spiritual presence will arise in your mind. It will assist you and guide you at every stage on the spiritual path.

Course-3: Yoga-Mysticism

Just as behind the superficial existence of a leaf there is a greater existence of the tree, so also behind our individual and personal consciousness there is the ‘greater consciousness’ of the soul and the over-soul.

In this course you learn to install a presence of the greater consciousness in your mind and begin to involve it in your affairs. Then, instead of being led astray by egoistic tendencies and desires in your mind and body, you will be guided by the prompting of a higher consciousness.

Course-4: Advanced Spiritual Practice

The spiritual pursuit is not about worshipping Gods, performing rituals or following some moral precepts. The main aim is to clear the impurities from your mind so that you can clearly mirror the calm, intelligent and balanced state of the higher consciousness.

In accomplishing this task, the objective techniques like concentration, prayer, meditation and yoga-asana can only help you to an extent. To have a breakthrough you have to overcome the forces within your nature that resist the higher consciousness! This work is more about unlearning and correcting the faults in your mindset; and less about learning new things.

In this course first you understand the psychological processes that are behind spiritual growth. Next, you observe the mental tendencies that obstruct your spiritual awareness. Then, you try to overcome these tendencies and clear the faults in your perceptions. As you do that you begin to see yourself, others and situations of life not as they show themselves, but as they really are.

For Details on these Correspondence Courses, click here:

What is special about these Courses?

Spiritual workshops take a ‘fast track’ approach. You learn everything in just two days. Then you try to practice what you have learnt by yourself over a period of time. The Correspondence Courses, on the other hand, take a ‘long-term’ approach. Here you learn slower and you do the practices over a period of several months. You take the extra time to grasp each point thoroughly and develop the necessary skills as you go along. Then you can incorporate these ideas into your everyday life. And that makes all the difference.

These correspondence courses are designed to ensure that you develop the necessary skills, and that you don’t merely collect information on the subject. For this reason our lessons are not given out together as in a book. You are given just one lesson and one exercise at a time. On your part you have to grasp the message and do the practice. In the process you will develop some skills, and these skills will be utilised in the lessons to come. What happens when ALL lessons are given out at one time? Then you are tempted to jump onto the higher lessons without developing the necessary skills. Then your foundation will be weak, and nothing will work out for you.

The Application Form

For ADMISSION to the correspondence courses of Darshana Centre

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Address: Give your email and postal address.
  3. Photograph: A scanned copy or a JPG file (of up to 1 MB) of a recent photograph will be sufficient.
  4. Personal details: Give your Age & Sex; state if you are single or married or have a live-in partner or whatever. If you have children, give their age, sex and indicate if they are living with you.
  5. Birth details: Give the date, time (standard time) and place (nearest city) of your birth.
  6. Health record: How is your health? Do you suffer from any disorder habitually? Please describe the trouble.
  7. Educational record: State the following:

Institute / Location / Subjects taken / Year of Graduation / Qualification


  1. Work record: Describe the work that you do (give the name of the institution you work for and your designation). Also give your past work record if you were doing a different kind of work.
  2. Tell us how you came to know about our Correspondence Courses:
  3. What has specifically attracted you for taking up this Course?
  4. What spiritual study or practice have you done in the past?
    If you are applying directly for Course-2, you should describe this in detail.
  5. Is there some spiritual study or practice that you are doing right now?
  6. What are your hobbies or special interests, or how do you spend your spare time? Also indicate the extent of your involvement.
  7. In addition, you need to make the following DECLARATION:

“I have read the information (brochure) on your Correspondence Courses and the Guidelines for admission. I hereby apply for the Course # (indicate 1 or 2 and the Title of the Course). If I am admitted I agree to keep confidential all the correspondence between us, including the instructions, lessons and replies. Further, I agree not to instruct others in spiritual matters until I have my own spiritual achievement.”

  1. Your Signature (or name): Today’s date:



The COURSE FEE for all the courses is Rs. 5,000/- In India and US $ 80 outside India. Send us your application and we shall reply to you. If you are admitted, you will be enrolled for the Course after we receive your payment.

For payment from countries outside India, you can pay through Pay Pal. Ask for details.

For payment from inside India, pay through RTGS (bank to bank transfer). Ask for details.

Why we ask for SECRECY

Secrecy is the rule in esoteric pursuits. The main reason for keeping things secret is that by talking about your practice you externalise the energy that you need to internalise. However, there are many more reasons.

Everyone likes to teach the new ideas and methods they have learnt. But, by teaching others the ideas and techniques you have collected, you do them disservice by not allowing them the privilege of learning from an experienced Guide. Spiritual growth is a subtle process and awakening to the soul is like fanning a fire. It has to be done under the watchful eyes of a Guru who has actually travelled far on the path. Otherwise, it would be like one blind man trying to lead another. Further, there are certain connections the master has to install, which cannot be done by ordinary persons.

Some people argue that there should not be any secrecy in matters of imparting instruction to other seekers. But providing spiritual guidance is certainly not selling techniques or know-how; and those who practice spiritual techniques are not necessarily doing spiritual practice! In the beginning it is not easy to recognize or appreciate such things. Hence, it is better of observe secrecy.

Some Excerpts

From the Letters of our Students

  1. I am getting more and more bliss from the ‘Devotional Meditation’. The experience is beyond description. Now I mentally relate with my Deity and am able to experience its concern and support. Sometimes it draws out tears form my eyes and sometimes I experience an inner smile. I’m very satisfied. P. P. Das
  2. This course (Mantra Yoga) is your experience caste into simple language. It is easy to read, but I experienced a lot of resistance when I tried to do the practices. There is however one important OBSERVATION I’d like to make: I would not have been able to do the practices without a personal connection with you. It is because I trust you and your experiences explicitly that I was able to muster the courage to persist with the exercises. And just because I’ve persisted with them for so long that I have some results to speak of. In the past I had learnt mostly from books. However, this experience of learning from someone who ‘lives it’ makes a world of difference. I consider myself as very fortunate. Frank S.
  3. Now I’m using the mantra at ALL TIMES. It is tremendously helpful in keeping my mind from wandering around and worrying uselessly. It has made me calm, alert, and very watchful of my thoughts, emotions and actions. As a result I don’t react to the unpleasant dramas that unfold before me, and happily such dramas are also becoming rare. My mind has become peaceful and I experience a feeling of safety and protection. I really feel that something within loves me, cares for me and watches over me… I am so grateful for finding you as Counsellor, Teacher, Friend, and for your patience in keeping my correspondence going on through all these years. Your wisdom and support have enabled me to get firmly rooted me in myself and explore the deep realities of my life and existence. I must admit that without this support I’d be just like wisps blown hither and thither with every stormy wind. Ludy R.
  4. The lessons are very well written and explain the subject as well as can be expected. I found them to be also quite revealing. Rajan S.
  5. Your comments on my answers were very helpful. They have clarified my understanding and they will help me make a far better and lasting impact. I found this course (and also previous one) very useful & enlightening. Since you periodically revise/update the lessons they become even more useful than before. I am sure that must also be the experience of other students. Dr. Vivek P.
  6. This course is not simple by any means, but neither is it too complicated. It surely needs careful reading ‘between the lines’ to understand. Each lesson needs about an hour of study to really understand it for the first time. And then I keep reading it back again whenever I do the exercises… The exercises of each lesson are very useful, but how much want to make of it depends entirely on me. So much depends on how much I’m willing to let go and change… The lessons clearly explain the technique and what is necessary to get it to work. However, it is entirely up to me to progress, to stay where I am, or to go backwards… What I like most is the 1 on 1 personal touch between the guide and the student. The comments and answers to my queries were most interesting and striking. They reinforced the concepts and inspired my action. The guide has done his part, but now it is for me to work on the lessons and show the results. Dr. Shrinivasacharya R.


24 thoughts on “Correspondence Courses”

  1. I Want to join your correspondence course i.e. basic course plz.state me the procedure…..

    1. Please go to the tab of ‘Correspondence Courses’ and read under ‘rules for admission’. Then if you want to take up a course, fill out the ‘application form’ and send it to us by e-mail. We shall reply.
      Kalpana/Incharge of admission

    1. Dear Friend,
      Your mail was replied to on 12 March. We are copying it below for your convenience.

      Approved for Admission

      We have received your Application for Course #1, Meditation and Mind Training. We find that you have already done many practices, and hence you will do well in this course. We accept your application and invite you to take up the Course.

      Upon receiving the Course Fee of Rs. 2,500/- we shall assign a Roll Number to you and you will receive our lessons and instructions.

      We look forward to your continued interest.

      You have not written how you came to know of us. We would like to know.

      The details for making the payment of course fee by NEFT (bank to bank transfer) are as follows:

      Sum to be paid: Rs. 2,500 (Rupees Four Thousand)

      The beneficiary: Darshana Centre

      Bank Savings Account: 10902010038980

      Bank Details: Oriental Bank of commerce

      Branch: Concorde (R. C. Dutt Road)

      Place: Vadodara (Baroda, Gujarat)

      IFSC Code ORBC 0101090

      Do let us know the date on which you have made your payment by e-mail. Thanking you;


      For Darshana Centre


      In-charge of Admissions

  2. My dearest, rev. Guru; My Master,
    My sincere and humble pranams at your holy feet.
    I would like to tell you about myself that I was one of your students who was doing your divine course. My roll number with you was 2790. I was immensely benefited by the practices you kindly advised to me. To me i understand that you are the most Divine person and I feel that it must be due to my past ‘sadkarmas’ i could get you as my Guru. After the course i strongly believe that you have granted me some boons. The first experience, a strong thought prevailed that i am protected, which you assured when i met you at your Baroda Office. Other experience is i started understanding and ‘knowing’ the answers to any riddle like questions on life, just by thinking about you. I still keep your photo scetch you kindly gave to me. I could share my little knowledge of spirituality to my wife and children, their every questions and doubts were clarified by me instantly by just remembering you. I used to wonder later, how could i answer those questions.
    I still remember your talk, that the knowledge is existing in universe. Your every word I strongly believe and therefore, to tap that divine knowledge I just imagine you in my mind,, by just remembering you, the flow comes into my mouth and i start explaining, and everyone get convinced. Their every logical counter questions also could be answered with reasons.
    This brief note to you is to express my profound gratitude.
    With all humbleness, i prostrate at your holy feet.
    Baby Mohan,

    1. Dear Baby Mohan,
      Yes, I remember you.
      It is really good to hear from you and know that you are doing well.
      Now we have a new set of course. It is like old stuff in a new packing, but the lessons and exercises are more focused and effective than before. Do read the outlines. Also read about us.
      If you would like to take some course for refreshing your insights, you are welcome.
      With best wishes,

  3. I Am student of Dr. Prashant Shah since 1992. In those days I was keenly searching for a spiritual master. And by the God’s grace I met Dr. Prashant Shah, a genuine spiritual master. Initially I was doubtful as to how one can learn spiritual practices through correspondence course. But soon I realized that though it seems a distant learning course, in reality it is not so. The teacher and the student remain intimately connected. I would like to share two incidences to prove the fact.
    1) In those days the course was divided in 3 parts and I was doing Part-2. In one of the lessons, the way of placing will with the help of 5 pointed star was given. One of my friend took some amount of money from me as loan and perhaps he forgot it. I was feeling uneasy and hence I used the newly learnt method of placing will to get the money back. It worked and I received back the money. After that when I met Dr. Shah, during casual talks he said “ it’s not god to use star for recovery of debts. It will work once or twice”. I was shocked to know that the master knew all what I did.
    2) After completing Part-3 of the course I was going to meet Dr. Shah from Nagpur, by Railway. I preferred to go by first class in view of comforts. My co-passenger was a class IV railway employee with his family. The sense of cleanliness of the family was not of my standards. So I managed to change the coupe. During our meeting Dr Shah said me “ you should learn to accept life as it comes and go along with it. Don’t say-you are dirty- stay away from me”. I remembered my behavior in train and also got astonished to see master’s awareness.

  4. Mr. Sanjeev, I read your comment on our Master (see i was also Dr. Prashant Shah’s student during that period). After reading your comment i had an impulse to write something on it. During the course our Master (Dr Shah) gave me an exercise to test my mental concentration which i tested for some of my official jobs. I had to get the approval for our Unit’s financial budget from the Director Finance, i went with the proposal to Kolkata, where our head quarters situated. Before leaving for the office, i did a little meditation and imagined my proposal is getting approved directly by the Director. I reached the office with all positive thoughts. In those days it was difficult to get through the proposal without any cuts, as there used to be a Vice President Finance checking the budget and drastically cut it on certain areas before getting forwarded to the director. That happened that day also, the VP finance removed few millions from my budget and asked me to report directly to the Director Finance. Before meeting him, i concentrated again did that exercise once again and directly went to his chamber. He was kind enough to receive me with a smile, gone through my documents and called the VP. He asked the VP that my budget proposal should be approved as it is and NO cut should be made. I could not simply believe it! No words to express my joy that day, the technique worked! Instantly in my mind i visualized our Guru, Dr Prashant Shah, expressed my heart felt gratitude to him.. It was not to be used for any personal benefits, i used it only in an official work; only to boost my morale to continue with the practice initialed to me by our divine teacher.
    Well, it is nice thing you shared some of your experience. i shared one of mine experiences. You are lucky enough to meet our Guru occasionally, but he is living in my heart.
    thank you so much, with pranams to our Guru!

  5. i am with dr ps shah since 1992, and his guidance is with me through out these years. i have keenly read all his books and did allthe three parts of his course. i also have wandered with a lot of new age gurus and even acted as a teacher for some of them. but i have not found fullfillment in group spirituality. recently i reread the crisis of modern humanity after six years and what a new world has opened for me . a completely new understanding. his astrological counselling and analysis of personality traits is uncomparable . i sincerely seek his loving guidance, plan to join new course soon

  6. I want to meet you. I am Raman ADP WM Pl send your address or cell number to my mobile 9819329855.I am in Baroda today and tomorrow. I met your brother Raman in Australia. Thanks

  7. I am looking for brightness and spiritual enlightenment, which seems to be submerged under pressures of life and / or hidden behind some dark clouds … I am looking for interaction / discussion, Can we ?

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